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One of the most frequently asked questions we get at The Bridge is “have you had lots of success with the women you serve?”  That begs another question:  How do you define success?    

Each woman who participates in our ministry is at a different point in life.  They all have unique experiences and situations.  Each is dealing with her own “package of pain”.  Success must be defined individually.   

For some, getting out of bed in the morning is a success.  

For others, keeping their cool while dealing with their children is a success.

And for most, overcoming an old character defect is a reason to celebrate.    

For those of us who work and volunteer at The Bridge, this is how we define success:

At whatever point we intersect with a woman seeking help, if we speak Jesus into her life, we have been successful.

Ultimately, our job is to plant and water.  Many times we do not see the harvest.  Trusting that Jesus is the best harvester is our job.  His kingdom gets the increase if we just remember to speak his truth to everyone we meet!  With Jesus in charge, we are successful!