The Bridge
About Us

 The idea for The Bridge of West TN, inc.  started in 2012 when a steering committee of Christ followers researched what resources and services were needed in our area.  Statistics showed that almost 60% of the people in our hometown who live at or below poverty level are single mothers.  The committee started brainstorming a ministry to serve single moms based on a relational approach to healing and growth.  Repairing relationships with God, self, others, and stewarding resources is at the center of all that we do at the Bridge. In 2015 we became fully operational and placed our first resident with her children in our transitional home.  A few months into her program we started a Celebrate Recovery group that has served hundreds of women over the years.  Other classes were added such as budgeting, parenting, healthy boundaries, overcoming codependency, and healing from sexual abuse.  We invite any women who need these classes in our community and surrounding areas to attend.  Since 2015, we have also conducted consultation in a one-to-one setting to over almost 200 women. In 2020, we purchased a second transitional home and soon after that purchased a warehouse to host our bi-monthly sale of donated items.  The warehouse has been a great tool to reach marginalized people in our community and offer them a shopping experience they can afford.  Most items in the sale are 25¢. Large items, such as furniture, are never over $30.  The warehouse is also a great place for people to receive community service hours that they may need for work, school, or the courts.    Most recently, in January 2023 we partnered with Obion County courts to mentor low-level female offenders to help them move in a positive direction and complete their obligations through the court system.    Our ministry has grown so much since its humble beginnings!  Thank you for your interest in our work and in helping women move “from where they are to where they need to be”.