Phase II Transitional Housing

The Bridge operates a phase 2 transitional home that houses one woman and her children.  This is not  a multi-bed facility and operates like a regular residence with the exception of high accountability through exterior video monitoring and limited access to visitors.  In order to apply for phase 2 transitional housing a woman must do the following:

  • Complete the application process.
  • Provide 3 letters of reference from reputable community members.
  • Go through an interview process.
  • Commit to follow all program regulations

True discipleship takes time.  A more exhaustive list of requirements is given upon beginning residency, but these are a few:

  • Residents will work with a mentor to write an individualized discipleship plan.
  • Residents will take skills classes according to their greatest needs.
  • Ally team members will contact the resident at least once a week.

There will also be precautions taken to make sure the Bridge house is a safe environment.

  • The house will be monitored by an outside surveillance camera.
  • The resident will be randomly drug tested on a regular basis.
  • Visitors will only be allowed during pre-set visitation hours.
  • Frequent, random “walk-thrus” will be conducted in the house.

For many women who are recovering from a crisis or trying to overcome poverty, saving money is an impossible task. We feel that creating a situation where a woman can learn, grow, and save is a huge part of her continued success.

The resident will pay between 10-30% of her income in rent.

If she completes the Bridge program, that money will be given back to her in two installments to go toward deposits or a down payment on future housing. If she does not complete the program, she will forfeit the rent she has paid up to that point.


Housing Application