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Letting Go and Letting God

How to let go of your idols and let God take controlĀ 

by: Shay Reid

These past few months I have had more than a few eye-opening moments in my walk with Christ. I have had the mindset of

“I can do this by myself. God wants me to do this myself. I can do this.”

While I knew I could do it, I could not do it by myself. I thought things would get better if I kept positive and kept moving, but I kept feeling down on myself and I felt like I was trapped inside of my sadness and I could never break out and one day I finally broke down and said

“Why does this keep happening, Why can’t I be the person everybody wants me to be. Why can’t I do anything right? Why do I get sad about stuff that doesn’t matter?” Why, Why, Why???

This past year has not been the best for me. A lot of things happened in my personal life and with my health and my faith in God has been shaken to its core, but I have to remember that MY God is so POWERFUL and when we give ourselves entirely to him we have a sense of peace in us and it is only by his grace that we are alive or have any of the things that we have. If I took one thing out of this past year it would be the fact that I had let this sadness and loneliness that I was feeling take ahold of me. The feeling of being cheated, hurt, and betrayed by every person in my life. I let my sadness take over me, I let it drive me into a wall, I let it get in the way of my relationships with my friends and most importantly with God. I was a slave to my idol, sin. I would let myself go and sit in my room and just think about everything that I had messed up on; all of the relationships with others that I had screwed up. How I felt that everybody hated me, and that was not true at all. This whole past year I have tried to strengthen my walk with God and I thought I could do it without any help from anybody (even God). So, finally, sitting in the chair listening to what God was telling me I was hit with this overwhelming presence of God saying,

“Hold your idols out in front of you and release them”

I took all of that sadness, hurt, betrayal, anger and loneliness that I had from the past few year and let it go, and it was like the weight of everything I had been feeling just faded and I just had this feeling of so much love around me that it was overwhelming. I prayed then and there for God to take over. I was giving everything to him. I wasn’t doing it by myself anymore. I had a God who loved me so much to send his Son to die for me. The least I could do was let him in and show me his love. It will still be a battle everyday, but now that I have God beside me I cannot even imagine how scared the devil is right now.

“For he who died has been freed from sin. Now if we died with Christ, we believe that we shall also live with Him, knowing that Christ, having been raised from the dead, dies no more. Death NO longer has dominion over Him.” -Romans 6:7-9

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