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Expectations and How They Can Drive You Insane

By: Shay Reid

“When you learn to accept and not expect you will have few disappointments.”

Have you ever done something for somebody and expected them to do the same thing for you?

I am pretty sure we all have at some time. It is really hard not to expect something, even when you feel like you gave up a lot to help this other person and they rarely return the favor. It can drive you insane.

We always hear “treat each other how you want to be treated” but why would we want to do that when other people do not follow it. We get in our mind and tell ourselves that they don’t care because they don’t do what we expect.

So how can we overcome this feeling of expectation??

For one, don’t mistake your expectations for reality. Set a goal in your mind, but do not expect that to be the thing that happens. Accepting that you might not get what you want is one step to overcoming feelings of expectations.

Train your brain to notice the triggers for when you are going to start to expect something out of somebody and then relay to yourself that it may happen, but it might not happen at the same time.

Know that God has you in His arms! If you can expect anything out of anybody He is the one who will never let you down. Even in times of hurt and disappointment He is always there for you. He always has the best plan for your life even if it isn’t what you expected. In Jeremiah 29:11, God tells us that he has a plan for our life, and this plan is not to harm us and will give us hope and a future.


Expectations can drive us crazy and they can even turn us into somebody we don’t like. So when you find yourself haunted by expectations about other people or even yourself – trust in Him because he is the only one who will not let you down.