Part I “When God Wakes You Up”


We have all had them. Sometimes it is from the front desk of a hotel. Sometimes it is your mom yelling up the stairs on a school day. Sometimes it is finding yourself at the bottom of the barrel and knowing you need to make a change.

Three and a half years ago I received a different kind of wake up call.

God literally woke me up…at 4:00 a.m.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking. It sounds a little sketchy. But I learned a long time ago that when God really wants you to do something, he will find away to communicate it to you. I used to doubt that. But after years of God being faithful to follow through with His plans, I have learned not to resist those deep down, gut feelings that He is leading in a certain direction.

It wasn’t some crazy, wild experience that would cause people to think I’d gone completely off the reservation. He just woke me up one morning…gently… and with a persistent thought in my head.

“I need to buy a house.” “I need to buy a house?” “WE need to buy a house.”

wake up

I laughed to myself and tried to go back to sleep.

But it was there again. “Buy a house.” “Me? Buy a house? I already HAVE a house. And we can barely afford this one.” “See if you can find a house.”

Now wide awake, my next thought was “You have got to be kidding. I just want To. Go. Back. To. SLEEP!!”

But I didn’t. BUY A HOUSE…okay. So, I sat up in the bed, got my computer, and began looking at really cheap houses on real estate sites in our area. That was when my husband woke up and asked, “What in the world are you doing?” I yawned and told him, “God woke me up and we are supposed to buy a house.” He just stared at me. Then I said, “Yes, really. God wants us to buy a house.” He stared at me for a few more seconds, then he shrugged, said “Ooooookay!” and turned over to go back to sleep. We have had wake up calls before. They have become no surprise to him.

He also knew that 2 days before we had prayed with a group of friends to be used by God. We prayed that God would reveal to us how we, as Christians from different denominations, could work together to do something for our community. So this wake up call was welcome and expected.

A couple of days later, my husband, having full confidence that it really was God calling, went to the bank to see about getting a loan. We had crunched the numbers and figured that even if we had to rearrange our finances, we needed to try to buy a house. God had plans.

I was sitting at my desk at work when he texted me a message that said…
“What would you think if someone GAVE us a house?”


What do you mean WHAT WOULD I THINK???? How is that even possible?

A few minutes later he called and explained that it was not only possible, but probable. While he was checking into a loan, the man behind the desk began questioning why we would need a second house. My husband began to explain our prayer meeting with our friends, what we had experienced in trying to minister to a young, single mom recently, and what we thought God might be wanting us to do with this house. So the banker, being a Christian himself, thought it would be fitting to see if the bank would donate a house that had been in foreclosure.

If you have ever been on a ride with God in the driver’s seat, you know when it is time to buckle your seatbelt. So I settled back and **click**.

Within 2 weeks of receiving our first donated house, we formed a steering committee. We quickly began to research exactly what kind of housing might be needed for struggling, single women in our area. How could we help them? Where did we start? What would this look like? People began to show up. Lots of people. And God brought them there. They had information, expertise, missing pieces, and most of all, HOPE.

As the group of interested people grew, so did the vision. It was becoming more and more clear what was needed.

A safe environment.
The ability to live WITH their children.
Time to heal.
Time to focus.
People who would walk across time with them.
Healthy relationships.
A home.

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A BRIDGE from where they are to where they want to be.

God was constructing THE BRIDGE.

And since we thought that one donated house was so cool. He decided, because he is awesome like that, to have another one donated. Only 2 months after the wake up call, we had 2 houses and tons of excited people.

And we have loved every second of this trip with God behind the wheel.

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