Our Ministry

Many of the women to whom we will minister are at or near poverty level. The Bridge ministry chooses to view poverty as much more than the lack of material possessions. We believe that all of us in some aspect of life experience poverty of relationship in one of these four areas (God, Self, Others, Community). It is likely that these areas of poverty are contributing to material poverty. Whether it is spiritual poverty, poverty of self, the poverty of healthy relationships, or the poverty of healthy participation in community, our goal is holistically minister to every aspect of poverty in a woman’s life.

We believe that every ministry to people in crisis falls somewhere on the continuum of Relief, Rehabilitation, Development. People in crisis situations are in need of relief. Once that immediate and temporary relief is given, the person is need of rehabilitation to restore them to a pre-crisis state or in many cases, better than pre-crisis state. In our research on women in poverty, we have found that the ministry area that is often neglected is that of development. As women come out of a crisis and through rehabilitation, they need further discipleship to be able to stay on the right path….the path that leads to a life led by Christ. The Bridge ministry will come alongside women, help them find the missing piece that is hindering their continued success and work with them to develop healthy views in all areas of life. We will help them find the missing piece…. Housing, managing money, healthy relationships, raising children, domestic skills, the value of work, bible study, etc.

Mission Statement

The Bridge of West Tennessee exists to bridge the gap between the world and Christ.

Vision Statements

The Bridge of West Tennessee will nurture and disciple women who desire to continue their journey in a Christian lifestyle.

The Bridge of West Tennessee will educate women in biblical principles and Christian life skills.

The Bridge of West Tennessee will foster relationships with other local ministries and support their mission work at home and abroad as they, also, work to bridge the gap between the world and Christ.