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Part III Discipleship: “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!”

It is a humbling feeling to realize that Jesus Christ did a pretty good job of being the savior and he didn’t need your help. After failing to effectively minister to the first struggling woman we encountered through the Bridge ministry, we knew that we needed to learn from our mistakes. We never again wanted…

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Part II HELP???!!!

With 2 houses donated to a group of overly excited people ready to conquer the world for Christ, you would think we were ready for the road ahead. Little did we know that in all of our excitement to help struggling women, we would find out that the first people who needed help was us.…

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Part I “When God Wakes You Up”

WAKE UP CALL We have all had them. Sometimes it is from the front desk of a hotel. Sometimes it is your mom yelling up the stairs on a school day. Sometimes it is finding yourself at the bottom of the barrel and knowing you need to make a change. Three and a half years…

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